Three Things Thursday – Advice Needed

1.  I’ve seen so many posts recently by people already picking out their 2011 races.  SHEESH!  I know these things sell out fast these days, but I don’t even know what I want for dinner tonight and I’m expected to know where and how far I want to run a year from now?  But I guess I better get on it.  While I’m at it I guess I’ll go ahead and schedule 2012’s teeth cleanings and 2022’s mammogram.

2.  I have quit physical therapy.  After last Saturday’s attempt at a long run I knew that what they were doing just wasn’t cutting it and stopped everything they had told me to do.  I brought all this up at Monday’s appointment, and they basically told me that they didn’t have anything else to offer me.  They agreed that I should stop what they had started me on since it was making it worse and offered to continue the ultrasound therapy.  I’m not paying a $20 copay for 10 minutes worth of ultrasound, so I guess that’s that.  I have gone back to the very agressive IT band massages and extreme foam rolling, and on Tuesday night I ran 6 miles at a very tolerable pain level.  It was sore afterwards, but by today, after another couple of days of MY version of PT, it feels completely normal.  I didn’t run yesterday, so we will see what it feels like after I run this afternoon.

3.  This weekend is supposed to be my 20 miler.  I don’t feel like I have run enough lately to tackle 20 in two days.  My long runs in reverse order have been 2, 13.1, 14, and 18 with sporadic midweek runs as pain would allow.  Here’s where the advice comes in.  Should I suck it up and push for 20 and start my taper (even though I don’t even have high weekly mileage to really taper down from)?  Or should I shoot for 15 or 16 and go for 20 next week with a two-week taper?  Either way, I plan to continue babying the knee by keeping everything slow and on the least hilly routes I can find.


12 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Advice Needed

  1. I'd probably shoot for 15-16, planning on 20 next week. Then, if during the run this week and you are feeling OK at 15-16, maybe continue on to 20 to finish it out? I don't really have a lot of experience so don't take me advice too seriously. Haha!


  2. I'd go for the 15 and do the 20 next week. As with the above commenter, take my advice with a grain of salt, cause What do I know? but that plan just sounds right.

    I always just do what feels right at the moment.


  3. Pam – I hate that you have been in pain… sounds like we have similar stories for the last few weeks and I believe that our goal races are the same day… Dec 5. Wishing you the best this weekend on your run, I am nervous about mine!


  4. As the whole have said before me, take my advice with a grain of salt, but I'd just go out and try for 15-16 and then go for 20 next week. Listen to your body and if you feel like you can't do it, then back off.
    “Make friends with pain, and you will never be alone.” ~ Ken Chlouber


  5. My advice is to skip the 20 miler all together because it is WAY too far to run and THEN drink your weight in beer the night before the marathon and just see what happens…ADVENTURE!! 🙂


  6. Okay… so this is what I will offer you for advice: Run as far as you can… whether it is 15 or 18 or 20. Trust your training, listen to your body.

    Believe running 20 did not help me get to 26… it was all mental. But, going 20 gave me the confidence to make it to 26.2

    Either way, I am praying for you sister!


  7. Boooooo. I'm too late to weigh in on the distance. What did you decide.

    BTW, I have NOOOO clue what races I'm doing in 2011. Keep me posted what you decide, maybe I'll steal some of your picks.


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